Easter Brownies

One of my favourite occasions on the calendar, Easter is such a lovely time to celebrate Spring and is a great reason to decorate the house and bake using all of the lovely treats that are available at this time of year! Using my go to gooey brownie base, I’ve featured mini eggs and little chocolate eggs to put an Easter twist on them that makes these Easter Brownies perfect for gifting over easter weekend and enjoying in the garden with friends!





You will need:

200g caster sugar

4 eggs

200g unsalted butter

100g dark chocolate (minimum 80% Cocoa)

75g plain or gluten free flour

25g cocoa powder

50g dark chocolate chunks

Mini eggs

Small chocolate eggs



Step 1. Line a rectangle baking dish with baking paper and preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Place the butter and dark chocolate in a pan and melt together on the lowest heat, stirring constantly until just melted and fully combined. Set aside.



Step 2. Whisk together the eggs and caster sugar for a good 5 minutes until fully combined, light and fluffy.



Step 3. Whilst the mixer is still mixing, carefully and very gradually pour the melted chocolate mixture into the eggs and sugar, until dispersed evenly.



Step 4. Sieve together the flour and cocoa powder then fold it into the wet mixture gently with a wooden spoon. Crush the mini eggs with a rolling pin then stir them through the mixture along with the chocolate chunks, saving some crushed eggs aside for later. Pour into the prepared dish, then top with some more of the crushed eggs and small chocolate eggs. Bake for 25 mins until a skewer test comes out clean.



Step 5. As soon as the brownies are removed from the oven add some more toppings and some sprinkles. Leave your Easter Brownies to cool before slicing into squares and wrapping up for Easter gifts and enjoying!



Happy baking and a very happy Easter!!


Hollie x