About Hollie Berries


Hello, I’m Hollie! Maker, baker and blogger at Hollie Berries. I’m a full time craft, baking and lifestyle blogger with a passion for creating, adventuring and celebrating the simple pleasures in every day.

I spend my days crafting in my Aberdeenshire home studio with a pot of tea by my side, baking sweet and seasonal treats in my kitchen and exploring beautiful Scotland taking inspiration from the beautiful nature surrounding me.

I created the Hollie BerriesĀ blog to share my love of making with craft and D.I.Y projects, baking with some of my favourite recipes and lots of my adventures around beautiful Scotland. I hope to inspire creativity, exploring the outdoors, connecting with nature and taking delight in the cosy, quiet moments of every day.

I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet, grab a cup of tea and come right in!


Hollie x