Bramble Picking

August is upon us once again, bringing with it bramble season. This time of year always gets me excited as Autumn is just around the corner, and as much as I don’t want to wish the Summer away quite yet, the season of crisp air and cosy knitwear weather is just my favourite.






The other night when I was out my usual wander around one of the many woodland walks surrounding my house I came across the biggest patch of brambles ever and got very excited. Hello homemade jam! And pie! Needless to say the next morning I was out with my basket and ready to fill my boots, or tubs, with that foraged goodness.





Although they are fairly small in size, oh are they delicious! The perfect balance of sweet, juicy and tangy which is absolutely perfect for pairing with brown sugar and baking some sort of bramble dessert. Once I started picking it became apparent how many there were here, easily thousands! The further into the bushes I went the bigger and juicier the brambles were.






The nostalgia of bramble picking will always remind me of when I was a little girl, as every year without fail my Mum, Sister and I would  go up the hills back home in Argyll and spend hours picking buckets of brambles. My mum would then turn them into the best jam and crumbles!






I’m so chuffed with my bramble haul and can’t wait to bake something with them! This morning I topped my oat milk porridge with a handful, along with some local honey and it was absolutely delicious. You really can’t beat the taste of local produce, never mind freshly foraged from your surroundings! Will you be doing some bramble picking in the next few weeks? What is your favourite thing to make with them?


Hollie x