D.I.Y Nail Varnish Marble Paper Tutorial

It’s fair to say marble is having a moment, and I for one am loving it! As the obsession continues, I’ve D.I.Y’d some gorgeous marble paper using old nail varnishes. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s got a big box of nail varnish stashed away in a drawer that contains one in almost every colour under the sun, some of which have probably been in there for a decade. Even the bottles that have turned into more of a goo than a runny polish can be saved and used for this fun craft project. What better way to use them up than by turning them into some wall art!




You will need:

a selection of nail varnishes

a bottle of nail varnish remover

plain white paper

a mixing tool- I used a skewer

a shallow tray, basin or dish

a jug of cold water

a large towel


Step 1. Firstly, lay a large towel underneath the area you will be using and set everything on top ensuring you have plenty of space to place down your dipped paper. If you are using old nail polishes that have turned thick, simply drop a few drops of nail varnish remover into the bottle, replace the lid and give a good shake. Repeat this process until the nail varnish returns to a smooth, runny liquid.




Step 2. Pour some water into the tray you are using until it is about 1 inch deep. Choose your first colour of nail varnish and carefully pour a small amount over the water until you reach your desired amount. You want to layer up your colours quite evenly one at a time, as you can always add more of a certain one at the end before you dip the paper.



Step 3. Add your second colour in the same way, you will see it’s already starting to look exciting!



Step 4. Keep adding more colours until you have a gorgeous looking marbled water!



Step 5. Once you have reached your desired colour pallet and effect, take your mixing tool and gently stir to swirl the varnish around in the tray.



Step 6. Take your piece of paper and place it onto the tray of marbled water, letting it sit for about a minute. When you can see the shapes of marble soaking through to the other side it is ready to be removed.



Step 8. To remove the paper, take the two top corners and carefully peel the paper away from the water, revealing the marbled design. Place on a flat surface until completely dry before moving. I recommend using fresh water for each piece of paper to get the best result. And it’s as easy as that! Try using different colour and shade combinations to get lots of different designs and finishes.




When the finished pieces are completely dry, pop them in some frames for an impressive piece of handmade wall art! You could use the same technique to create greetings cards, gift wrap and tags too! Will you be going for a rummage in your nail varnish stash and giving this a go?

Hollie x